The Plot

VIGGO:    Hey, Carrington.
VIGGO:    I have one last job for you. It's a simple hack-and-grab at a local Data Bank. Do this and the slate is clean. You in?
YOU:    Yeah. I'm in. What's the job?
VIGGO:    Memory Lane, central. Sending details to your NeuralNav. No mistakes, this time.

The Plot Thickens

There are multiple paths through this short adventure, each with their own ending, each exposing new insights into the characters and story of Memory Lane. Is it a set up? A legit job? Or is something more sinister at work? Play through to piece everything together and figure out what's *really* happening.

Welcome to Memory Lane.

About Memory Lane

Memory Lane was written in about a weekend. I wanted to play with the idea of the classic noir-inspired bank heist, but with a twist: Memory Lane isn't your typical bank. It's a Data Bank. Memory Lane is written in twine and is free to play. I hope you enjoy.

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