The Chronologist

Play as a humble chronologist, fixing and replacing clocks. Each clock has the potential to make a positive or negative impact on the recipients lives.

The Chronologist is a small, text-based Twine experience. Nothing more.


The Chronologist was created during a game jam to explore an empathy-driven mechanic, instead of a combat-driven mechanic. 

Each era, the Chronologist is visited by 2 patrons. By reading the text and decided what repair to make for the patron, you are able to either help or harm the patron's life, and in some cases much more. If you make a misstep 3 times, you fail as a chronologist.

The Celestial Clock

The Celestial Clock sits at the end of time. If you make it through the various patrons, you have the chance to repair the grand celestial clock and display what you have imbued the world.

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